Vitamin IV Therapy
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Ads for the promotion of vitamin IV therapy usually posit that if you want to overcome conditions like a low immune system, unhealthy skin, and excessive hangover, then you should try vitamin IV treatment. You may also have heard about this therapy from other sources without getting the full information on what it entails and its benefits.

The popularity of vitamin IV treatment has also gotten a boost through celebrities who have broadcasted about it. Celebrity singers like Adele and Rihanna have favored and backed vitamin IV therapy, pushing many of their fans to start researching about it. For those who want to understand the full meaning of the concept and practice, below is a comprehensive look at vitamin IV treatment.

The Meaning of Vitamin IV Therapy

Through many medical studies, it was discovered that when IV vitamins are not involved in the digestive process, they can be a veritable tool in replenishing the minerals and vitamins lost by the body. Through this process, the health conditions of people could be improved. The fact that IV vitamins escape the digestive process and are 100% absorbed into the body means that they could feed the body with any micronutrients that are lacking.

During the digestive process, any food or medication passes through multiple stages. It moves from the esophagus and into the stomach, where it is broken down by stomach acids before being absorbed by the small intestine. During this process, the entire food is broken down into smaller molecules by the enzymes and turned into amino acids that build proteins. The amino acids are in turn absorbed by the small intestine, which gets them to the blood, which eventually moves them to the liver. At this point, the liver processes everything and sends the good materials back into the blood, and the bad ones are taken out as urine or stool.

When you want the entire material you ingest, be it food or medicine, to get into your bloodstream without going through this digestive process, you have to find a way of bypassing all the organs. That is what vitamin IV treatment does. The vitamins are injected into the blood directly, which means that all the nutrients contained within are also moved directly into the blood. Vitamin IV therapy is administered through a tube that is inserted into a vein. It comes in the form of a mixture of vitamins and minerals. Since the first drip was administered in 1970 by Dr. John Myers, varieties of vitamin IV therapy have been developed by qualified doctors and administered by trained nurses.

Benefits of Vitamin IV Therapy

Direct benefits of vitamin IV treatment include an increase in energy levels, a reduction in stress, an increase in hydration, and immune system regulation. It also causes improved skin health and reduces headaches, depression, flu, and allergies.

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