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Our professional massage therapists at Healthy Images offer a variety of massage styles. From deep tissue to relaxing, our team will take care of your needs.

Massage Therapy

When chiropractic care is used in collaboration with massage therapy, it gives a harmonious effect, which results in a much faster recovery. Since the body feels more relaxed during massage therapy, it helps to realign its various parts quite smoothly. Chiropractic massage therapy is an ideal option when treating various physical and mental ailments. If you are looking for the best massage therapy in cave creek, look no further than the Healthy Images. We offer a complete range of massage therapies and chiropractic care services for all the patients, irrespective of their age.

Types of Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage is a more intense muscle manipulation, which offers better results during various physical ailments. It is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension and reduces stress hormone levels. It boosts your mood, as the release of oxytocin and serotonin is triggered by applying pressure at different body parts.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage is based on the specific techniques, which are incorporated to meet the need of an expecting mother. It requires special training and certification to provide this type of massage therapy. The trained therapists can tailor their massage techniques with a view to suit the requirement of each client. Since most of the pregnancy complaints are similar; this type of massage therapy can easily alleviate all of them without causing any trouble. With highly trained massage therapists, Healthy Images surely offers the best massage therapy in cave creek.

Relaxation Massage

This one is the most common type of massage therapy that most of us have undergone. It is so indulging and soothing that you feel completely relaxed and stress-free. Although there are no major therapeutic benefits attached to it, yet it serves to cast a pleasant impact on a body.

The basic focus of a massage can range from reinvigorating to restoring health. From full body to the neck and shoulder muscles, or only head or feet our top massage therapists are here for you. In fact, it soothes your body and mind, which in turn helps to revitalize your body for day to day routine. It’s a perfect way to unwind yourself and relax a bit. 

To experience the best massage therapy in cave creek, just make us a call or visit our clinic.


Chiropractic Massage Therapy and its Benefits

The benefits of massage are numerous, as it increases blood circulation, provides relief from muscle and joint pain and reduces stress or depression. It also helps to detoxify by removing toxins and waste materials from the body. Hence, the body’s innate ability to cure itself is revitalized to the desired level. 

Apart from relaxing and curing disease, consistent massage is also known for its preventative benefits. It allows the body to develop immunity against diseases when you follow a comprehensive approach, which includes proper nutrition, exercise, massage therapy, and overall chiropractic care.

Chiropractic massage therapy is also advised in case of various illnesses. For instance, the severity of the disease can be minimized through massage therapy if you are suffering from arthritis, immune system issues, TMJ, insomnia, fibromyalgia or muscle spasms.

Here at Healthy Images, we offer the best massage therapy in Cave Creek. So if you are looking forward to the benefits of Chiropractic massage therapy, just give us an opportunity to help you.

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