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Cupping Treatment

When we think about Traditional Chinese medicine, the first thing that comes to our mind is “acupuncture”. Apart from this, utilizing natural herbs to heal the body and mind is another essential element of Chinese medicine. However, Cupping is a less known treatment, which is also an integral part of Eastern medicine. Besides its healing properties, Cupping therapy offers a relaxing and pleasant experience.

At our offices, Healthy Images, offers traditional cupping treatment in Cave Creek. So if you need this treatment, make sure to pay a visit to our clinic for an initial consultation.

What is Cupping Therapy?

This term relates to a technique, which involves the use of small bamboo jars or glass cups. These jars and glass cups act as suction devices, which are directly placed on the skin. The suction is created by the practitioner through various method. One of the most common methods involves rubbing an alcohol-dipped swab onto the bottom of the cup. The cup is then exposed to flame to light it up.

After that, the cup is placed on the skin in an inverted direction. Once the desired suction is achieved, the practitioner gently moves the cup over the skin. Cupping therapy works on a principle, which is an inverse of massage therapy. Here the pressure is not applied to muscles, rather suction is used to pull the muscles upward.

Most of our patients who have experienced our cupping treatmentfound it rather relaxing, soothing and effective for relaxing and weight loss


How Cupping Therapy Works

Often, cupping therapy is collaborated with acupuncture in a single treatment. However, this doesn’t mean that it is less effective when used alone. The suction helps to loosen muscles and encourage blood flow. It also sedates the nervous system that makes it an ideal treatment for curing high blood pressure. 

Just like acupuncture, cupping therapy involves following the lines of the meridians. These five meridian lines are located on the back and the cups are placed over them. By focusing on these points, cupping can assist to align and relax qi (the life force). Cupping opens the meridian channels, which serves as the paths where life energy flows freely. Its impact is experienced on each tissue and organ of the body.

In fact, cupping is the most effective deep-tissue therapy. It has the power to influence even those tissues that are located deep into the skin (up to four inches). For more information on scheduling a cupping treatment, please visit us for an initial consultation.

Cupping therapy helps to release toxins, clear the blockages and refresh the veins and arteries. In addition to the back, cupping therapy can also be administered on the legs, ankles, hands, and wrists. We are also apply smaller cups to the face and treat the entire body. This allows targeting those healing points that are correlated with any of these points.

Cupping is beneficial for relieving stiff muscles pain, back and neck pains, fatigue, anxiety, migraines, cellulite, and rheumatism. This therapy is also helpful in treating lung diseases by clearing congestion and controlling asthma. In fact, this treatment is mentioned in the Chinese documentation of cupping for curing pulmonary tuberculosis.

In order to feel the amazing benefits of a cupping session, just feel free to visit our offices at Healthy Images in Cave Creek.

Advantages of Cupping Therapy

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