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Healthy Images is the top-rated chiropractor Cave Creek residents and families have visited for years. As a wellness provider focused on naturally-based care for the entire family, Healthy Images has cared for the community for over a decade. Dr. Stevanie Bahnerth and her team work with every patient, from newborn to elderly — and even canine family members — to bring optimal health to you and your family.

What is your Health objective?

pain relief

Try a Prolozone treatment to alleviate mild to chronic joint pain. Chiropractic adjustments assist neck, back, and joint discomfort, and cupping helps relieve discomfort at the muscular level.

Weight loss

We offer many solutions for your weight challenges. Come into our office to discuss a long-term nutritional support will sustain your progress.


Through our Vitamin IV treatments, H and natural supplement and nutritional support, we will guide you through a complete reboot of your body's system.

stress Relief

You don't need to live with the constant barrage of mental or physical discomfort. Choose reiki, cupping, or massage therapy to receive the benefits of reduced stress, both physically and mentally.

The Healthy Images Difference

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Receive a personalized health program


Receive continuous guidance and support

People often seek out a Dr. Bahnerth, a local chiropractor in Cave Creek, due to neck or back discomfort or injury. Chiropractic care is just the beginning here at Healthy Images.

Our staff offers assistance with a wide variety of physical conditions, ranging from digestive to hormonal and physical. Our clients are often able to find relief from ailments ranging from TMJ and carpal tunnel syndrome to plantar fasciitis and extremity pain.

In addition to serving adults, the team at Healthy Images provides care for newborn babies with birth trauma or breastfeeding issues, as well as pregnant women. Many of the discomforts caused by pregnancy can be alleviated by the gentle chiropractic care offered at Healthy Images.

Healthy Images is more than just your typical chirpractic office.Come in and visit Dr. Stevanie Bahnerth, she is the chiropractor Cave Creek locals absolutely rave about.

Discover all our services and find what best serves your body's needs at Healthy Images

Chiropractor Cave Creek

Here at Health Images of Cave Creek, we have been providing chiropractic adjustments to our patients for over a decade, continuing to heal our local community and their families. We are more than a “back pain” or “pain relief” office. Having adjusted and treated thousands upon thousands of patients through chiropractor treatments and other services, we’ve made a difference for many in our community. 

More than your normal chiropractor office, our treatments and services range from cupping and massage to Vitamin IV infusions, thermal imaging, and even customized nutritional support. The team at Healthy Images works with you to improve your quality of health and life, all with a highly personalized whole person holistic approach to your care.

While known for our chiropractor care in Cave Creek, we have a full spectrum of services to assist you and your body. One of our most popular forms of treatment is thermal imaging (also known as thermography), which is the use of a special camera to detect heat in the body. It is especially popular as an alternative to a mammogram and breast cancer screenings or for detecting forms of cancer up to eight years prior to standard methods.  

Review our full list of services below to find out how we can help you and your body heal naturally.



meet Dr. Stevanie Bahnerth and the Cave Creek Chiropractor team

Get to know Dr. Stevanie and the talented team who will be taking care of you, your health, 
and your nutritional concerns at Healthy Images.

Dr. Stevanie Bahnerth

Chiropractor / Owner

Dr. Bahnerth uses a whole person holistic approach. She has a passion for treating the whole family, believing that treating children from a young age can approve immunity and prevent future degenerative processes. She also loves providing nutritional support for all her patients. She provides natural hormone support, gut support, immune support, and emotional wellness support.

Serving Cave Creek since 2005, Dr. Bahnerth became a chiropractor after experiencing her own healing through chiropractic care. She is committed to providing honest and individualized care to each patient who walks through the door.

Cave Creek Chiropractic Care Best in cave creek - cara reik

Cara Riek

Nurse Practitioner

Cara is a Healthy Images Prolozone Therapy-certified specialist. Trained under the renowned Frank Shallenberger, she uses her skills to heal the body using the most natural and least invasive methodologies.

Dr. Cassidy Miller

Naturopathic Medical Doctor

I am a graduate of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona where I received my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. During my time in school I participated in the Regenerative Medicine Honors Track. It was during this time where I began to realize how much I love helping people resolve their pain using naturopathic therapies. I also enjoy providing care for a multitude of chronic and acute conditions for my patients. 


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    Location for Healthy Images

    Healthy Images, your Cave Creek chiropractor office, is located in Cave Creek, Arizona, in the Tatum and Cave Creek Shopping Center, which is on the southeast corner of N Cave Creek Rd and N Tatum Blvd. When facing the Fry’s grocery store, you’ll find Healthy Images to the left of Babbo's.