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Child Chiropractic Care

We focus on children from newborn through adolescence. Infants and toddlers are our specialty.

Child Chiropractic Care:

Infant and Toddler Treatment

The nervous system plays a key role while regulating almost all the systems of a growing infant. Therefore, even a minor misalignment or stress of the spine may prove disastrous for a child’s overall development, health, and behavior. At Healthy Images, we offer a non-invasive and gentle therapy to counter any issue before it starts to hamper the proper growth and development of a child. We are the most trusted name when it comes to a child’s chiropractic treatment.

Child Chiropractic Care Cave Creek

It may be hard to imagine why chiropractic care may be necessary for a child, especially since infants can’t indicate chronic pain as adults do. In fact, the body of an infant is under constant stress during the early phase of development and requires proper maintenance.

As they grow, kids may develop a bad sitting posture, especially when using a computer or watching TV. Apart from this, there are numerous other factors that cause their spine to misalign. This also affects the desired function and development of their nervous system.

When Does a Child Need Chiropractic Care?

We believe a healthy spine is a healthy life.  And so we recommend regular checkups to maintain health.

Additionally, you may not be aware of misalignment in your child’s spine. Children can’t identify a change in their body that is due to the development of a subtle chronic issue. Even in case of pain or discomfort, a child can’t communicate it to you properly. Hence, parents must keep a close eye on the movements and behavior of their children.

If you notice any abnormality in your child regarding their posture, body movements, or brain development, make sure to consult us for diagnosis and further treatment. Here at Healthy Images, we are the ultimate option when you are looking for child chiropractic care and treatment.

Earlier Treatment Ensures Elevated Benefits

If your child receives chiropractic care at the initial stage of an ailment, the results of such treatment tend to be more promising. In fact, it can help prevent further complications from appearing. Visiting a chiropractic care facility is just like seeing your dentist. Your child might have a cavity but you are not aware of it. Similarly, there might be a subluxation in your child’s body, which compromises the functioning of the nervous system. Therefore, it is essential to get your child checked regularly by a chiropractor for early diagnosis and treatment. We provide the best infant and toddler chiropractic care Cave Creek, and you can rely on the expertise of our qualified team.


How it’s Done

A baby’s chiropractic treatment starts with a thorough examination, where the true cause of any abnormality can be diagnosed. After that, a suitable and highly effective treatment is administered for fast recovery. No matter how young the child is, our experienced chiropractor has the ability to work with them and find the root cause.

The treatment is highly safe and secure, as it involves making gentle and non-invasive adjustments to the spine. The treatment is soothing in the sense that children often fall asleep when the procedure is being conducted. However, if a child is uncomfortable, we have many alternative ways to treat your child. When your child stays calm and relaxed during chiropractic care, it is a sign that the treatment is proceeding in an effective way. If you have any concerns regarding the spinal health of your child, just schedule a visit for initial assessment.

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