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Your diet and nutrition need a keen eye to maintain proper health. At Healthy Images we provide nutritional support and natural food supplementation. Our expert nutritional team is here to guide you to a health filled life.

Nutritional Support

We offer complete nutritional support services for those who desire additional attention to their health and those who need extra care to meet their nutrition requirements. 

As we know diet issues come in all forms, shapes and sizes. These are the people who cannot eat due to some illness or mental condition, or just have a challenge staying healthy.  It is possible that for some, the stomach or bowel is not working properly. Moreover, in case where digestive system has undergone major surgery, a trained nutritionist must provide nutritional support to such a patient.

At Healthy Images, we take great care when administering non-invasive types of nutritional support. The type, amount, and route of nutrition are customized by taking into consideration the specific condition of each patient. The basic goal is to minimize infections, improve patient’s outcomes, and allow them to live their lives normally as soon as possible.

Our highly trained nutritional support cave creek professionals make use of different setting while working in our office. Apart from this, we provide the assistance of experienced dietitians, nurse practitioners, and chiropractor, which make us the best nutritional support team in the area. 

Specific Types of Nutritional Support

Proper nutrition for specific patients can be given through coaching and support.  There are times where intervention, either a feeding tube (enteral nutrition) or parenteral nutrition need to be implemented and in those circumstances, we typically refer out. The parenteral type of nutritional support is provided when the digestive tract is not functional. For this purpose, an intravenous tube known as a catheter is inserted as a feeding tube.  

We are specialized in offering and managing nutrition to a variety of patient from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Nutrition Support Therapy

The basic purpose of enteral or parenteral nutrients is to prevent or treat malnutrition. Nutrition Support Therapy is a component of treatment, coaching and mindset, which involves providing oral, enteral, and parenteral nutrition to the patients. It helps to maintain or restore the required nutrition status and health of the patients along with helping you discover the best ways you can maintain your health levels

Time-saving Intake Coordination

At Healthy Images, we are always there from initial consultation to the assessment of nutritional status. We carefully analyze your capabilities and home environment. Our experienced team of nutritional experts works with the patient in a professional manner and tries to minimize the threats of malnutrition.

Customized Care Plans

We provide top-touch and personalized care to the patient for quick recovery. Hence, each patient gets a disease-specific nutritional support and natural food implementation plans. Our focus is on the fulfillment of the basic therapeutic goals of the patient. We regularly analyze nutrition support, which has been provided to the patients and ensure that the desired level of improvement is achieved within a given time.

Clinical Monitoring

Our ongoing patient evaluation process helps us to promote compliance and identify any complications at the initial stage. This is the reason why we are the most trusted health and wellness care provider in the area.


Long-term nutritional Support

In addition to offering nutritional support services, we also provide necessary guidance to you. This allows you to use the knowledge and coaching to your advantage. We are committed to providing the least invasive and most effective nutrition support therapy to our patients. Hence, you can rely on the services of our best nutritional support.

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