At Healthy Images we offer a number of comprehensive stress relief services to our patients. Our integrated team is here to help you achieve the best long-term outcome.

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As always, at Healthy Images, you are treated as a guest with a warm and welcoming smile. Our team will verify your insurance benefits and take you on a brief office tour. Once in the room, you will receive an in-depth review of your history, a thorough examination, and X-rays if necessary. Once we have all your information, we will compile a customized treatment program for you based on your needs. If you are a candidate, we will let you know the following:

  • How long it will take
  • How many visits are needed
  • What your insurance covers and doesn’t cover

If you accept the treatment options, we begin care immediately! After treating 10,000 patients, we have recognized what patients genuinely need in order to get well and feel better.

Contact us to learn if you are a candidate for our stress relief services!

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