At Healthy Images, we offer a number of different types of thermography services to our patients. Our integrated team is here to help you achieve the long-term outcome.

Thermography Therapy

Commonly known as thermal imaging, thermography is a procedure where the temperature of the skin is measured by using a thermo-sensitive camera. Widely used for breast cancer thermal imaging, it is a non-invasive test with no radiation whatsoever. Full body thermography is also used to detect any disease or deformity within the body.

This type of therapy works on a basic principle that relates to the increased blood flow and high metabolism of cancer cells. This means heat can be detected around the cancer tumor. As such, a rise in skin temperature is clearly monitored through thermography.

How Thermography Is Different From Mammography

  • Thermography detects physiology (growth of new blood vessels), angiogenesis, or inflammation.
  • It involves zero radiation.  
  • It provides a larger view area.
  • Thermography can detect cancerous conditions in the breast at the initial stage.

Studies have shown that an abnormal infrared is a sufficient indication of developing breast cancer. Women with consistent abnormal thermograms might be at a relatively higher risk for future breast cancer. Thermography can be effectively used for breast cancer prevention.

Thermography is a safe procedure that can be used as often as necessary. Thermograms indicate the normal functioning or physiology of the breast, whereas structural imaging like mammograms show the anatomy of a breast.

At What Age Should Women Think About Getting a Thermogram?

Although there is no age restriction for having a thermogram, it is recommended for women above the age of 20. Thermography is an effective way to monitor the breast health of younger women. There is no risk involved during thermal imaging. It provides better insight, especially when looking through the dense tissue.

Advantages of Thermography

  • Thermography can investigate the risk for developing breast cancer irrespective of the woman’s age.
  • It provides the opportunity to detect a breast cancer tumor at an early stage, which is not possible through mammography or self-examination alone.

Thermography acts as breast cancer prevention by examining the health of a breast in a better manner than an anatomical view can provide through structural imaging.


How Breast Cancer Thermal Imaging is Analyzed

There are 22 different thermal and vascular factors that a doctor analyzes while examining the breasts through thermal imaging. The simplest way to look for any abnormality is to compare both breasts. By doing so, even the slightest change in blood vessel and heat asymmetries can be easily detected. After an abnormality is detected and analyzed, the doctor classifies and grades each breast into five TH (Thermo-biological) levels.

How We Can Help

Breast cancer thermal imaging acts as a preventive measure that should be used as a regular health routine. Here at Healthy Images, we offer full body thermography to diagnose any issue at the earliest stage. Regarding cancer cells detection, our experienced and qualified team of doctors performs these tests in a thorough, professional way. We are committed to our role for breast cancer prevention and educating women about how they can monitor their breast health.  

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