HCG Hormone Treatment
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Before we delve into whether HCG hormone treatment is beneficial for weight loss, we have to first explain the practice of HCG injections. For many years, the HCG diet has been employed by people around the world. This diet is considered by some people to be an extreme diet where you are not supposed to feel hungry.

HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone whose presence is escalated in the body during pregnancy. It is actually one of the markers used in detecting pregnancy in at-home pregnancy tests. The major job of the HCG hormone is to inform the woman that she is pregnant. It also stabilizes the production of estrogen and progesterone in the body during this period and assists in the development of the fetus and embryo. While certain established medical and health regulatory bodies express reservations about HCG, it should be noted that HCG injections are also used in the treatment of cases of infertility in men and women.

HCG Hormone Treatment

This hormone has been employed as a diet for weight loss in various quarters. It was propagated by a British doctor in the late ’50s. This is a diet of extremely few calories (about 500 per day), complemented by injections of HCG hormones. Based on prescriptions by the doctor, the HCG hormone treatment depends on the amount of weight that each patient wants to lose. This is to say that each HCG for weight loss exercise should be customized to suit the individual who wants to lose weight. During the process, the user must visit their health advocate at least once every week, during which the level of progress is monitored.

For weight loss purposes, the dose of HCG injections used is normally very low. The physician will determine how many times and when to inject the normal 15-20 units each day. The process also involves a three-week maintenance program aimed at resetting the body metabolism of the user once the desired level of weight loss has been achieved.

  • The major process through which the HCG hormone treatment helps in weight loss is by helping the user eat as little as possible. It does this by reducing the feeling of hunger in people. When you have HCG in your bloodstream, appetite is drastically reduced, and of course, we know that you lose weight when you do not eat much.
  • The HCG hormone also assists the body in building more hormones. Biology has taught us that people gain weight due to lack of hormones in their body or due to an imbalance in the level of hormones. But when the HCG hormone arrives to help leptin resistance, the thyroid, and other hormones in the body, the level of weight gained by the body is reduced. This simply translates to weight loss.

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