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Our HCG hormone therapy treatment, when monitored by Dr. Stevanie, provides outstanding results for our patients.

HCG Hormone Treatment

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a naturally produced pro-hormone that acts as a stimulant to produce other hormones. HCG hormone treatment is often prescribed by doctors in the form of an injectable drug; however, there is also a sublingual method. HCG has many benefits, including losing weight, improving fertility by encouraging egg release in women, and increasing sperm production in men.

HCG and Weight Loss

Although it is available as a prescription drug, HCG liquid and pills are usually taken as a weight-loss supplement. In addition to this supplement, the specific HCG diet is prescribed to follow proper weight loss regime.

HCG Hormone Therapy

Specific HCG Diet Plan

During HCG hormone therapy, you are calorie restricted and supervised to make sure your body is functioning properly. To have the treatment be as effective as possible, you can only take two meals per day, which is a hard-and-fast rule if you want to gain the benefits of maximum weight loss. During each meal, you can eat one protein, one carb, one vegetable, and one fruit. There is a very regimented process for this, which details the quantity of each food group.

For the protein portion, you can have beef, chicken breast, broiled or grilled veal, crab, fresh white fish, lobster, or shrimp. You need to look for any visible fat in such food. Prohibited seafood includes eel, salmon, herring, tuna, and dried/pickled fish.

As far as vegetables are concerned, you can eat chard, chicory, tomatoes, beet greens, spinach, green salad, celery, onions, fennel, red radishes, asparagus, cucumbers, and cabbage. Bread includes either one piece of melba toast or one breadstick.

For fruits, you can opt for an orange, a handful of strawberries, an apple, or half a grapefruit. You can drink as much water, tea, or coffee as you desire. However, you can only have 1 tablespoon of milk per day.

Sugar substitutes can be used, but sugar is strictly prohibited, even to sweeten drinks. Moreover, butter and oils are not on the menu.

Who Is Not Allowed to Take HCG?

You are not permitted to take HCG hormone treatment under the following conditions:

If pregnant

If allergic to HCG or any other constituent ingredient of the drug

If you are entering puberty

If you are suffering from prostate cancer or any other type of cancer that is stimulated by androgens or male hormones


HCG Therapy Dosage

The dosage for HCG therapy, as prescribed by Dr. Stevanie, depends on various factors, including sex, body weight, and physical condition. HCG can be administered in either drops or injection form.

Since HCG is available in more than one form, it is convenient for people who are taking it for different purposes. It depends on your physique what type of method is best for you.

Men who want higher energy and to take advantage of the benefits of improved testosterone levels prefer HCG injections. On the contrary, if you are taking HCG hormone therapy for weight loss and want to manage your HCG Diet plan, you can choose to take the drops.

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